About The Bronzeback Classic




Tournament Chairman, and long time tournament angler Bobby Stapleton, has established a committee who are committed to hosting a tournament for the anglers, by the anglers. The focus of the  BRONZEBACK CLASSIC, is to get families, friends, local anglers, long time summer residents, and especially youth involved in this boating event.

Our first annual Bronzeback Classic Tournament , according to all the feed back, was a great success. We are all looking forward to an even better event this year, with the help of all our sponsors and volunteers.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who made our 1st Annual Fishing Tournament a success and would like to extend our welcome to anyone wishing to participate in this event as a volunteer to contact:
Bob Stapleton - 548-4547(w) 548-2449(h)

Thank You in Advance
Event Coordinators